Mobile RTS - Rustic buildings
Lysander foster beatuy 1

Complete set of assets @ 256x256 and 128x128 to demonstrate texture scaleablity.

Lysander foster beatuy 2

256 closeup.

Lysander foster beatuy 3

128 closeup.

Lysander foster fig 5

No render plane and stock Unity lighting.

Lysander foster fig4

Rear @256x256

Lysander foster fig 6

Rear @128x128

Lysander foster fig 2

3ds Max viewport capture in clay, note the under 1k polycount.

Lysander foster diffuse withwireframe

Texture sheet with overlaid UV's. This is what I'd be spending my time on in Photoshop. Texture bleed was an issue at even lower resolutions so next time some more space between islands could be useful.

Mobile RTS - Rustic buildings

After a good long while, I'm happy to say I've finally received permission to upload these here after my (unsucessful) bid for a position at a well known mobile group. The objective here was to create 3 buildings in a style of my choosing for a mobile RTS game, intended to crank out player controlled units.

These had to meet strict requirements such as fitting onto a maximum 256x256, diffuse only texture and less than 2k tri's. I stuck to both of these and had the bonus of recycling as many UV's and objects as possible, hence the level of detail I was able to achieve with "Pixel textures". I think these turned out great and even at lower resolutions, Unity's texture options allowed for crisp, hard edges even at the lower 128x128 res.

All screenshots captured from a Unity LWRP project with a post process stack for colouring, exposure and vignette.

More artwork
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