12 Gauge flare gun
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Wireframe of the pistol and shells. With this poly-count and density, it would be ideal for a variety of 3rd or 1st person products.

Lysander foster screenshot012
Lysander foster screenshot018

Clay renders for topology reference.

Lysander foster screenshot016
Lysander foster texture spliy

A sample of the diffuse and normal maps for the handgun. Its pretty easy to see here how densely I aimed to pack my UV's. This was actually my second attempt as my first yielded poor baking results and sub-par resolution, even at 4k.

12 Gauge flare gun

In the not so distant future, any and all firearms will become exceptionally rare for those of more criminal intent. The solution? Surplus flare guns retrofitted for the bulk 12 Gauge shotgun shell. While neither accurate or comfortable, in a pinch, it'll still save your life.

This is a little idea I've had for a while now to have a break from game development, and one of very few weapons I've ever made. While pretty challenging in places, I'm happy I took the time to rework the laser and tape additions, as well as get this into a game ready state with a solid bake of 88k polys, down to just 5,032. Most of the high poly work was used to further round the cylindrical areas of the weapon and detail the crude laser pen. Rendered with 4k maps as this is intended for first person viewing ideally. For 3 days work. I'm very happy with this.

Updated with new renders as of 18/06/2019

More artwork
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