Jungle Exploration Pack - Teaser

Jungle Exploration Pack - Teaser - Uploaded with Sketchfab

Lysander foster wireframe

Wireframe of how I put the scene together prior to sketchfab export.

Lysander foster wireframe2

Another wireframe of all individual assets. A full breakdown of the entire asset pack is in the works.

Lysander foster maps

Maps used for this scene. This layout purely exists to allow Sketchfab to let me use multiple meshes. The final product will have a separate sheet for all "small" assets, reflected by a lower resolution.

Lysander foster maps2

Maps for the final texture atlas. Note the stone table placed where the small assets are for the demo.

Jungle Exploration Pack - Teaser

Its been a pretty long while since I've uploaded here, so as good a place to start as any is my upcoming environment asset pack. This is a small part of my Jungle themed asset set, scheduled for release sometime in the very near future on the Unity asset store. This pack is part of my university core modules and while not technically required to uploaded anywhere, I'd love to see my assets make it into someone elses game.

This particular scene follows all the same technical requirements all other assets follow, with all assets here fitting to a 1024x1024 texture set consisting of diffuse, normals and roughness. As ever, AO and opacity are baked into the .PNG to save on file size and minimize draw calls. The scene currently sits at 1,428 polys or 2456 tris with all the (upcoming) assets being under 10k polys split across 5 texture atlas's.

More artwork
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