Cradle of the Furnace Stone

Cradle of the Furnace Stone

Lysander foster sdfsdfds

Side by side with wireframe. Captured from Sketchfab.

Lysander foster wireframe

Diffuse texture with wireframe overlayed.

Lysander foster untitled 1

3ds max viewport render.

Lysander foster sdfsdf

Zbrush sculpt.

Cradle of the Furnace Stone

Done in 2 days, this was my interpretation of creating a World of Warcraft style weapon using only handpainted textures. This comes in at 386 polygons and was baked down from a 400k zbrush sculpt. It was nice to get back into Zbrush and the main takeaway from this project was setting up and using it for basic detailing for normal bakes. Rendered in Sketchfab using a 1024x1024 Diffuse, AO is baked in and normals are cut to a 512x512 res. With experimentation this could all be lowered for runtime performance gains.

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