NYC Subway
Lysander foster 5
Lysander foster 2
Lysander foster 2 blackandwhite
Lysander foster 6
Lysander foster 6 flat

Flat light render captured from UE.

Lysander foster 6 lighting

Lighting only render.

Lysander foster 1
Lysander foster 3
Lysander foster 5 lighting
Lysander foster overlay 1
Lysander foster overlay 2
Lysander foster platform

Marmoset captured render of modular plaform.

Lysander foster plaform wireframe
Lysander foster signs

These signs were surprisingly fun to make, collecting references as to the colours and specific placement of information to match NYC's system as close as I can.

Lysander foster signs wireframe

Wireframe of the signs. Most objects in the scene were carried by their textures, as alot of objects were practically flat.

Lysander foster mod 1

These large modular pieces made up the bulk of the scene. All rail sections (not pictured), were also fully modular.

Lysander foster 3dsmax

3ds Max clay render.

Lysander foster wall diffuse


Lysander foster wall normal


Lysander foster wall ao

AO, Metal, Roughness. Substance was instrumental in generating assets quickly.

NYC Subway

As part of a recent art test, I was instructed to create a modular 3D environment in 5 days. Beyond the spec for the deliverables, I was free to pick what create and my own workflow. This was the result after a few false starts, rendered in UE4. Fitting to a reasonable 12 texturesets at varying high resolutions, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to optimize these and the lighting for use at runtime. The biggest help however, was the use of IES lighting profiles. These were awesome at getting a realistic feel to the lighting and while it took a good long while to setup, I am extremely pleased with the results considering the time spent.

More artwork
Lysander foster render 1 mod 2Lysander foster screenshot011Lysander foster screenshot000