Jungle Asset Pack

A smaller, more condensed view of the pack, this is just one example of what is possible with the pack.

A larger overview of every asset included in the package.

Lysander foster still 1

Still render captured from Sketchfab.

Lysander foster still 2

Additional still captured from Sketchfab,

Lysander foster wireframe

Clay renders of all objects included in this pack.

Lysander foster wireframe small

A more detailed look at some of the smaller assets from the pack.

Lysander foster screenshot002

A quick marmoset render of more of the smaller pieces, plus the modular staircases.

Lysander foster a1 maps

Roughness, Diffuse and Normal maps for my first texture Atlas. Note the Baking of Ambient Occlusion into the Diffuse, a super common practice for handpainting since it saves the extra draw call and looks perfectly fine if a decent bake has been performed.

Lysander foster a2 maps

Atlas number 2 textures, following the same procedure as the first.

Lysander foster shrinemaps

Maps for the Shrine centerpiece. An interesting time-saver I came up with was hand-painting tileable brick textures, comeplete with normal and roughness maps, then applying them enmass in Substance Painter to vastly speed up texturing time.

Lysander foster tileable show

The tileable brick texture I created was invaluable in the later parts of production, with hours worth of time being saved in painting, correcting and reexporting maps during testing.

Lysander foster concept

Original concept art, inspired by one of the enclosures for animals at the Disney World Animal Kingdom. While not required to get extra marks within my course submission, it is helpful from a production standpoint to know where to start.

Jungle Asset Pack

Following the release of my teaser pack last week, I finally bring you the full version of the Jungle asset pack!
With 38 handpainted assets, there is bound to be something to fit your next indie project, with the pack being put up for sale in the very near future.
This pack contains 4 texture atlases, with Diffuse, Roughness and Normal maps of their own, all optimised for desktop, mobile or console development with a maximum resolution of 1024x1024 for each atlas and a total of 7,384 polygons for the set. AO and Opacity have all been accounted for and been baked into the diffuse and alpha channels of each atlas. These assets are fully modular, with the temple having extra roofing options and extra basing options of different sizes to suit a variety of play spaces.

I am very happy with how this all has come out, with perhaps a general expansion pack being ideal for a future project. Keep an eye out on the Unity Store for sale details very soon!

More artwork
Lysander foster sdfsdfdsLysander foster beatuy 1Lysander foster screenshot 124