Hut in the woods

A test with implementing sketchfab into my presentation workflow.

Lysander foster wireframe

Wireframe with opacity applied.

Hut in the woods

Since I no longer have access to my precious Marmoset Toolbag 3, I'm switching back to Sketchfab for all my 3D interface needs, and bringing over one of my favorites to my Artstation portfolio. This was created after being heavily burnt out from constant PBR workflows and wanting something a little different, with no concerns of poly counts or texture limitations (However this would still come in at 4x 2048x2048 texture sets and 1500 polygons, the former being a contender for improvement). At the time, I was very pleased with this piece and to date, I still am, with a lot of the final result coming from a self imposed colour palette limit and a strict 1800 poly limit, allowing for creativity and flexibility with what I wanted to create. For my inspiration for this, check out Sketchfab user Curlscurly for more!:

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