EoTech Holographic gunsight
Lysander foster screenshot005
Lysander foster screenshot006

Wireframe render. Since Marmoset doesn't support single mesh opacity maps, it was nessescary to create a second textureset for the glass. Obviously, in engine this wouldn't be an issue.

Lysander foster screenshot000
Lysander foster screenshot001
Lysander foster screenshot002
Lysander foster screenshot009
Lysander foster screenshot010
Lysander foster screenshot012

High poly version of the model. The hardest part was by far creating an accurate battery release.

Lysander foster holo base color

Diffuse map, 4096x4096

Lysander foster holo mixed ao

Ambient Occlusion, 2048x 2048. Extra resolution wasn't really needed, as AO is already a pretty blurry map, so the extra sharpness would just be a waste of time.

Lysander foster normal map

Normal map, scaled down to 2048x2048 to keep Artstation's uploader happy,

EoTech Holographic gunsight

Now that my studies have concluded, I thought it would be nice to tinker with my hard surface skills. Coming in at 6.5k polys, baked down from 53k, I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out. I do wish I had some more time to spend on this, however other projects are calling me now. Rendered with 4K maps, this model is ideal for high end FPS game development (ignoring licencing of course). In the future, I might look into doing more gunsights, as they are relatively quick to do and offer plenty of practice with the crease set - open subdivide workflow.

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