Binary - An upcoming University of Gloucestershire game
Lysander foster 3

Overall beauty render captured from Unity, complete with team branding.

Lysander foster 3 no logo
Lysander foster 5

More zoomed out view of our testing room, in accordance with he in-game camera.

Lysander foster 1 mod
Lysander foster nopost

In editor capture of the scene minus any post processing. Using Unity's Post Process 2.0 has really brought the scene to life, giving tons of depth to an otherwise flat image.

Lysander foster screenshot001

One of the first assets, the server cabinets. These would have their resolutions cut in-engine to avoid wasting performance to render excessive detail at a distance.

Lysander foster screenshot000

All cabinet variants are composed of the same basemesh, modified on an element level to give the level designer some variation.

Lysander foster screenshot004

Another example of a multimesh objects composed of several atlas'd objects and just rearranged to give our environment some variation cheaply.

Binary - An upcoming University of Gloucestershire game

Its been a quiet few months here, and I'm happy to unveil a sneak peak at what's to come with our final year student game, Binary.
More details on production, code and characters can be found over at;
However for now, the following is one of our finalized test rooms used to test fit, light and texture assets for this 3rd person game. Through overseeing a majority of asset production, it was my aim to maximize the visuals of Unity while keeping to time and performance constraints. With the game taking place in an isometric perspective, plenty of corners could be cut for the sake of time without influencing the final product. We're very keen in keeping the updates coming on the visual side of our game and can't wait to share more.
A special thanks to Jamie Laurence ( ) and Jess Barrett ( ) for their character and texturing help in creating assets!