Block 3A - Capsule Hotel
Lysander foster beauty 1

In game camera render with all FX applied. Originally I was looking for a way to generate volumetric lighting, however no HDRP compatible solutions that were free existed sadly.

Lysander foster beauty 1 bw
Lysander foster beauty 2
Lysander foster beauty 2 bw
Lysander foster beauty 3
Lysander foster lighting

Clay version of the scene to demonstrate raw lighting.

Lysander foster freecam 2

Behind the scenes construction of the set, complete with a view of my preferred settings for post process and colour grading.

Lysander foster freecam 1
Lysander foster wireframe

Wireframe and polygon count, captured from 3ds Max's viewport.

Lysander foster clay

Flat clay render.

Lysander foster texture example

Example of my main wall closest to the camera. This could be the source of the greatest optimization if all the drawn parts of the diffuse were isolated and applied as a decal in engine. This would cut down on several draw calls when instancing the walls

Lysander foster textureexample 2

Here was where Zabou kindly granted me permission to use her work in the form of the 3 "Camera men". This really helped fill the space on the wall, while being tone consistent with the rest of the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Block 3A - Capsule Hotel

Since graduating, I've been itching to create another environment with all the tools the Unity HDRP has to offer. Thus far, I'm very impressed with what it can do out of the box. All the awkwardness of the standard pipeline and adding things like HDRI's post processing and decals is all gone. I came across a neat review for a Japanese style "Pod" hotel after binning several projects and decided this would be the projects I stuck to. Created as a graphical exercise over an optimized piece, this project has thoroughly met my expectations and I can see myself using Unity again for plenty more environments. With some minor modifications, this most certainly can be adapted for runtime usage as most atlases on screen have already been mipped down by a 50% minimum.

Additionally, a hefty thanks to hugely talented artist Zabou ( ) for giving me permission to use one of her excellent pieces as part of my diffuse map. If you're a fan of anything art related, check it out!

More artwork
Lysander foster render 1 mod 2Lysander foster screenshot000Lysander foster screenshot005