PBR realism study - HSBC Bank
Lysander foster screenshot005

Best render of the bunch (I think anyway(.

HSBC - PBR render

Lysander foster screenshot000
Lysander foster screenshot002
Lysander foster screenshot003

Wireframe of the building. All texturesets were broken down into with being on the ground floor, top floor, roof, tower, doorway and "accessory pieces".

Lysander foster dimensions

Some very rough size calculations. I used the bike wheel (26 inches) to work out the rest. Lots of eyeballing stuff was needed however.

PBR realism study - HSBC Bank

As part of my training at the University of Gloucestershire, we were tasked with choosing a building and recreating it with as much accuracy as possible. Since no poly limits, texture set size limits or pretty much as constraints, I went as far as my PC would allow, by rendering the HSBC bank not far from my home.
Sitting at a "mere" 110,887 polygons, this would almost be game ready if it wasn't for the 4x 4k, 3x2k texture sets that made the building up. While getting this into a game ready format is an intriguing idea, a complete reunwrap would be needed to switch gears from just "looking good", to "optimized".

I think the results are really pleasing and I'm happy I took the time to really push myself and the hardware to the extreme under time constraints, with Marmoset being invaluable in capturing the final renders. While I wish I had the time to do the last sculpted details in Zbrush, the my time right now is non-exisitant with the hand in very soon. Wish me luck!

More artwork
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